About Payment:

We currently accept “Credit Card”, “Paypal”, “T/T (Wire Transfer)” and “Western Union” method.

(Recommended) Credit Card: (For paying your Etsy bulk order in our shop, please visit here).

(Optional) PayPal

  • If you have a PayPal account, that’s cool, you could directly check out your favorite products in our shop.
  • If you don’t, no worry please, we’ll send you a PayPal invoice to your mailbox regarding your product model, quantity, freight, and total, you could directly pay them via your credit card, debit card without having a PayPal account at all.

(Optional) T/T (Wire Transfer):

  • After your purchase, please transfer 30% deposit to us and then we’ll start to make your products. When the goods are all ready, we’ll take a picture of all finished products and send to your mailbox as a proof. Simultaneously, please arrange the 70% deposit.
  • We’ll send you our bank account prior to your payment.
  • This method is available for wholesale (More than 50 pcs) only.

(Optional) Western Union:

  • The Western Union is another way of payment we accept.
  • 100% payment before we start to make your goods.
  • We’ll also take a picture of all finished products as a proof and send it to you for your reference before shipping.
  • This method is available for small quantity wholesale (Below 20 pcs) order.

Please note: you’re liable for the timely payment after goods finishing.

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